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A Pop-Up Creative Commons in West Oakland featuring Art, Food Trucks, Performances, & Pumpkins

Beginning October 4, 2012, the 24,000 square-foot vacant lot full of weeds at the corner of Mandela Parkway and West Grand will be transformed into a creative community space filled with art and commerce. For three months this fall, The Peralta Junction Project will change the nature of weekends in West Oakland, utilizing the strong local presence of the industrial arts and artists to create rich social and economic opportunities for our often-challenged neighborhood. The project team will clean up and activate the space through art installations, creative workshops, local performing arts programming, micro retail shops featuring local artisans, Oakland-based food trucks, and a tented creative commons.

Key features of the project will include:

- A series of three highly-interactive, large scale art installations, beginning with The Midway: M.T. Pockets Traveling Midway of Curiosities and Delights

- A Pumpkin Patch, with artist-led pumpkin carving programs

- Food Trucks, featuring some of Oakland’s finest mobile purveyors

- A Pop-Up Market, featuring the wares of local artisans

- DIY workshops and demonstrations with local arts organizations, such as The Crucible

- Community Movie Night on Thursdays

- An artist-built stage featuring local performing artists

The Peralta Junction is open during the following times:

Thursdays at 7 P.M.
Saturdays & Sundays 10 A.M until 6 P.M.
Also occasional Friday and Saturday evenings!

More Info:
The Peralta Junction Project
Peralta Junction Project on Facebook
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I guarantee that Vagabondage's upcoming WHISKEY & STARLIGHT cd will contain the best version of "Throw the Goat" you've ever heard. The accordion twists and spins in the air around you like a trapeze artist and John Flaw's musical theater background steps into the center ring, gallantly tipping its top hat and waving its cane with a flourish.
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"[My nephew] Turner and I were reminiscing about all of the years we'd spent with red lips, stuffed boobs, big hair, and big heels at [family talent shows], when he said, 'You know, Uncle John, I'm straight, and if you think about all the times when I was a kid that I've been dressed up in women's clothing and made to sing and dance, I've got to be proof that you can't turn someone gay.'" - John Barrowman, ANYTHING GOES


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Left-Handed Darling

Left-Handed Darling

Nikita Schoen's LEFT-HANDED DARLING is set in the rural 1930's American "Dust Bowl era" and centers on Calliope Darling, a young girl with a very unusual upbringing and a unique sense of beauty. Have her very unlikely parents prepared her well for the world? Calliope and the audience are transported from the macabre environment of her family's home to the surreality of a carnival sideshow, an equally bizarre court room, and more strange sights and sounds than the many many books she has read in her young life could prepare her for. With creative staging, a versatile cast, theatrical puppetry, original music, and a lot of mason jars, LEFT-HANDED DARLING will thrill you, surprise you, make you laugh and transport you back to a colorful era when Vaudeville ruled and a nickel was really worth something.

If you're in the Bay Area, you should come see LEFT-HANDED DARLING, because it's a wonderfully imaginative, highly entertaining play. (If you're not in the Bay Area, but would like to support this play and Foul Play Productions' New Writers' Program, you can donate to their Kickstarter project.)

July 14 – August 13, 2011
Fridays and Saturdays @ 8pm
Press Previews on 7/8 & 7/9 @ 8pm
GALA on 7/14 @ 8pm
INDUSTRY NIGHT is Monday, 8/1! Tickets are only $15!

The EXIT Theatre
156 Eddy Street, San Francisco

GENERAL: $20 - $30 Sliding Scale
Available at the door and online at
PREVIEWS: $10-15 Sliding Scale
GALA: $25
STUDENT / STARVING ARTIST: $15 (email us for the passcode)